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Research and publications

At the moment, I am mostly focusing on inflectional categories of early Germanic, especially Gothic. I am also working on the morphosyntax of definiteness, the development of aspectual markers in Lithuanian and some grammaticalisation phenomena in the history of English. My extant publications can be downloaded below. Non-open access work is available in draft form; the final published versions can be accessed via a link to the publisher's web page.


  • Linearisation of possessives in Gothic
  • The assignment of definiteness: A morphosyntactic conundrum


  • Ratkus, Artūras. 2020. The (non-)existence of the middle voice in Gothic: In search of a mirage

Academic publications: 

Yearsort ascending Author(s) Title Publication details Link PDF
2018 Ratkus, Artūras Greek ἀρχιερεύς in Gothic translation: Linguistics and theology at a crossroads NOWELE 71(1): 3–34 PDF PDF icon ratkus_13_mar_2018_arkhiereus.pdf
2018 Ratkus, Artūras Weak adjectives need not be definite: The evidence of variation in Gothic Indogermanische Forschungen 123: 27–64 PDF
2018 Ratkus, Artūras This is not the same: the ambiguity of a Gothic adjective Folia Linguistica Historica 39(2): 475–494 PDF
2017 Ratkus, Artūras Features of the Gothic adjective, with special reference to determination Jakovenko, Ekaterina B. (ed.) Lingua Gotica: Novye issledovanija 3. 103–115. Moscow: Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation PDF icon arturas_ratkus_2017_det.pdf
2016 Ratkus, Artūras Patterns of linear correspondence in the Gothic Bible translation: The case of the adjective Vertimo studijos 9: 38–55 PDF icon ratkus_2016_patterns.pdf
2016 (transl.) Ratkus, Artūras Passive constructions in Lithuanian: Selected works of Emma Geniušienė. Edited by Anna Kibort and Nijolė Maskaliūnienė. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company PDF
2015 Ratkus, Artūras Gothic possessives, adjectives, and other modifiers in -ata Journal of Germanic Linguistics 27(3): 238–307 PDF PDF icon ratkus_2015_-ata_pre-final.pdf
2013 Ratkus, Artūras Gotų kalbos bevardės giminės būdvardžių galūnių kaita Kalbotyra 65: 70–89 PDF icon ratkus_2013.pdf
2009 Ratkus, Artūras The Greek sources of the Gothic Bible translation Vertimo studijos 2: 37–53 PDF icon ratkus_2009_2.37-53.pdf
2009 Ratkus, Artūras On some morphological properties of the adjective in Gothic Kalbotyra 61(3): 85–101 PDF icon ratkus_2009_61_p.85-101.pdf

In addition to academic publications, I have published journalistic articles – mostly reviews – for Muzikos barai ('Music Matters'), the principal journal of classical music in Lithuania (see below).

Journalistic articles and other: 

(originally published in Lithuanian)

  • 2010 “Murray Perahia: Piano, Music, Art”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 1–2, Vilnius.
  • 2007 “Tosca at Covent Garden”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 7–8. Vilnius.
  • 2007 “The Birth of a New Horowitz?”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 7–8. Vilnius.
  • 2007 “Anderszewski”s Incredible Mozart”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 7–8. Vilnius.
  • 2007 “Pianist Evelina Puzaitė at the Wigmore Hall”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 3–4. Vilnius.
  • 2005 “Well-tempered Saint-Saëns”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 5–6. Vilnius.
  • 2005 “Interview with Pianist Philippe Giusiano”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 5–6. Vilnius.
  • 2005 “Rachmaninov Concerti at the National Philharmonic”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 5–6. Vilnius.
  • 2005 “An Ode to One Masterpiece: Piano Concerto No.3 by Sergei Rachmaninov”, in journal Muzikos barai, No. 1–2. Vilnius.


As an avid teacher of English, I am currently putting together a graded practice book intended as an aid to students and teachers of English as a foreign language. It is provisionally entitled The Grammar Activator.